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Belton Powerlifting shows Tiger strength at Belton Invitational

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The 2017 Belton Powerlifting Invitational at Lake Belton Middle School last Saturday featured lifters from several area high schools looking to take home overall championships, while qualifying for the regional powerlifting meet coming up in a matter of weeks.

The Belton Tigers’ powerlifters were edged by Waco High 43-41 for the overall boy’s championship. Devasye Little (165 class), Jerry Leyba (220 class) and Arturo Jaimes (242 class) won their respective weight classes.

Here are the Belton final results in the boy’s division, listed by squat weight, bench weight, dead lift weight and total weight lifted:

114 class: Max Castelli, second place (230-135-245=610).

123 class: Deonte Beasley, fourth place (240-145-280-665).

132 class: Santi Piedrahita, second place (270-140-275=685), and Jacob Sandoval, fourth place (200-125-275=600).

148 class: Christian Castillo, second place (380-195-360=935), and Patrick Frazho, seventh place (300-170-325=795).

165 class: Little, first place (400-245-410=1,055), Mark Mebane, fourth place (410-215-375=1,000), Devin Raper, eighth place (310-200-345=845) and Angelo Sibille (320-205-365=890).

181 class: Caison Schurr, fourth place (375-215-400=990), and Miguel Hernandez (270-185-330=785).

198 class: Jawaun Howard, sixth place (405-265-385=1,055), Mitchell Dunahoo, ninth place (405-240-400=1,045), Justin Buuck, tenth place (365-260-410=1,035), Bailey Eickenloff, 11th place (395-205-350=950) and Randy Schoolcraft (395-190-310=840).

220 class: Leyba, first place (365-195-365=1,450), Garrett Orange, 11th place (365-195-365=925) and James Sandoval (300-195-295=790).

242 class: Jaimes, first place (550-320-600=1,470) and Emilio Cortez, third place (500-315-405).

275 class: Will Drake, second place (530-260-505=1,295), Sidney Sherwood, seventh place (445-275-330=1,050) and Chase McLaughlin (225-155-300=680).

The Lady Tigers tripled up with 10 first place finishes and 77 points. The only weight classes that Belton did not win was 97 (no participants) and 259. Copperas Cove was second with 21 points and Gatesville was third with 20.

Here are the Belton lifting finishes on the girl’s side, listed with squat total, bench total, dead lift total and total weight lifted:

105 class: Arianna Garcia, first place (275-115-250=640), and Anastasia Pflaum, second place (205-95-215=515).

114 class: Zaria Hardy, first place (230-115-225=570).

123 class: Maria Martinez, first place (280-130-300=710), Davion English, second place (245-140-290=675), and Felisity Natal, fourth place (195-65-195=455).

132 class: Dana Young, first place (270-175-295=740) and Michaelanne Roach, seventh place (185-85-175=445).

148 class: McKenna Thompson, first place (270-125-265=660), Kyndall Carroll, fifth place (220-85-220=525), and Holly Lucas, seventh place (200-110-195=505).

165 class: Maggie Dolan, first place (275-130-285=690), and Riley Pratt, fourth place (155-105-200=460).

181 class: Morgan Callin, first place (285-155-295=735), and Izzy Gutierrez, second place (285-135-280=700).

198 class: Kailey Hobson, first place (305-150-275=730), Keilee Cheek, second place (260-115-260=635), and Betty Hernandez, third place (240-95-255=590).

220 class: Alicia Goodridge, first place (300-140-295=735).

259 class: Kaylee Hausam, third place (275-145-300=720), and Serenity Yates, fourth place (265-180-270=715).

259+ class: Montana George, first place (245-120-290=655).

Belton will travel the Lee Middle School in Copperas Cove on Saturday for the Bulldawg Invitational.

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