Multiple Teams · Belton JV, Freshmen get good experience in opening night losses to Stony Point

In junior varsity and freshman sports, wins and losses aren’t always important.

It’s the development of talent to groom athletes for varsity athletics is the key.

Belton JV head coach Jordan Petter’s Lady Tigers bounced back from 22-3 skid to close out the first set and fought their way through the second set. Although they were swept two sets to none, the team showed great promise. Stony Point won the match 25-10 and 25-23.

“We started off a little slow, which is normal with all of the jitters and the nervousness being the first home game,” Petter said. “I was expecting it. I wasn’t expecting the score to be as low as it was. But we had a lot of things to work on and I told them to whatever happened the first game, just let it roll off, don’t get your heads in it too much and just go out there and have fun. In the second game, we really learned a lot and we learned how to fight. It’s the first ounce of fight I have seen out of this group and it showed a lot of promise.”

Belton Freshman head coach Tiffney Barnes made her Lady Tigers debut on the bench for the freshman A and B squads. The Belton Freshman A team got off to a great start against Stony Point’s Freshman A team, winning 25-16. They dropped the final two sets to the blue-and-gold Tigers 21-25 and 15-4. The Freshman B squad was not as successful, but learned lessons in a two sets to none loss, losing games 25-7 and 25-10.

The junior varsity and freshman squads host Temple at Belton High School Tuesday afternoon at 5:30pm.