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Multiple Teams · Middle School Swimming Basics

Middle School Swimming Basics

Middle school swimming meets every day during 8th period. BISD provides transportation from their respective middle schools to the swim center. Middle school swimming ends at 4:00pm where upon all swimmers need to be picked up by their parents unless participating in club practice.  Swimmers must wait inside the swim center until their parents arrive to pick them up. There will be no use of the lockers in the locker room and all backpacks must remain on the bleachers. No glass of any form will be allowed in the Swim Center. For more detailed information, please reference the Belton Swimming Team Handbook (see previous article).

For the first day of school, there will be no swimming as we will be going over the rules and expectations.  Please make sure you have completed ALL online forms and submitted your physical prior to the first day of school.

Equipment needs:

Girls – one-piece suits

Boys – Jammers, Drag suits (no trunks)

Goggles – two pair

Rubber fins – sized to your foot (no strap style fins)

Please try to stick with the following brands; Speedo, Arena, TYR, Dolphin Uglies as they tend to last longer and function better.

Recommended vendors: D & J Sports, Lane Four, Swim Outlet