Coed Varsity Tennis · Tiger Tennis Georgetown Varsity Tournament Itinerary

The Varsity Tiger Tennis Team will be competing in the Georgetown Varsity Tournament on Friday.  The team will be leaving from the Belton Athletic Facility on Friday at 6:30 A.M.  The anticipated return time is 10:00 P.M. to the Belton Athletic Facility.


Georgetown High School:  A Boys Doubles, B Boys Doubles
2211 N. Austin Ave. Georgetown, TX 78626
East View High School: A Girls Doubles, B Girls Doubles
4490 E. University Ave. Georgetown, TX 78626
Wagner Middle School:  A Mixed Doubles, B Mixed Doubles
1621 Rockride Ln. Georgetown, TX 78626
Benold Middle School: A Girls Singles, Half of B Girls Singles
3407 Northwest Blvd. Georgetown, TX 78628
Tippit Middle School: B Boys Singles, Half of B Girls Singles
1601 Leander Rd. Georgetown, TX 78628

Forbes Middle School: A Boys Singles

1911 NE. Inner Loop Georgetown, TX 78626