7th grade girls Volleyball SB · 7th Grade SBMS Volleyball vs. Midway

On Thursday, September 13, 2018 the 7th grade South Belton Middle School volleyball teams took on Midway at home. The B team played a good game and fought hard, but lost each set 7-25, 13-25, and 4-15. While we struggled to return most of Midway’s serves, we scored our points from awesome rallies! Emily Higgins had several hard serves over the net, taking Midway by surprise. Gloria Gonzalez came in clutch with great passes and sets over the net. They worked together as a team on and off the court. We continue to see the B team improve each week with both communication and volleyball skills.

The 7thA team played a hard fought game against Midway tonight and really came together as a team despite losing to the Panthers. Ramsey Curran was a defensive beast on the court and had some great digs to break Midway’s serves. Jacci Myers did excellent on her serves and really caught the Panthers off guard. All the girls worked together to make sure they were in the right position and put everything out on the court. We are very proud of them with the effort put into the game as a team! It was a tough night, losing 7-25 the first game, 12-25, the second game, and 3-15 the third game. We are very proud of the girls as the grow as a family and keep improving each week as players. We definitely see a lot of improvement from the beginning of the year and are excited to see them reach another level. Go South!!!!!!!