Girls 7th Grade Volleyball NB, Girls 8th Grade Volleyball NB · North Belton Volleyball sweeps Cove Lee

What an exciting night at North Belton as volleyball took on Cove Lee!
7B started off the night with a three game sweep of Lee with the scores of 25-9, 25-4 and 15-8. The first game started off great with Kate Wieters propelling North to the early 8-4 lead. Shelby Schultz extended the lead to 18-7 with five serves in a row. Sienna Fuller added five serves of her own to give North game point at 24-9. A quick side out gave North the win 25-9. The second game was all North as Fuller started with five serves to give North the early 7-1 lead. Wieters stepped up after a quick side out and would go on a serving display as she would serve 11 in a row to give North the comfortable 19-2 advantage. Casey Schultz would add four more serves to give North game point at 24-4. A quick side out gave North the win, 25-4. The third game was a little slow to start as North held the slim 11-8 lead after the first rotation. Shelby Schultz would step up and serve out the game with give North the sweep, 15-8. Leading server was Kate Wieters with 16 serves. Shelby Schultz added nine service points and Casey Schultz added seven service points.
7A followed suit and swept Lee in three as well, 25-17, 25-10 and 15-12. Lee would start the first game on a five point run before North would answer back with six of their own from Macey Weber. The lead would flip flop through the first rotation as North held the slim 15-14 lead. Angelina Deleon would serve three in a row to extend North’s lead to 19-14. North would keep Lee honest as they would only get three more serves as North would win the first 25-17. The second game started with Kaliece Cain, Macey Weber and Landyn Johnson combining for 10 points as North would jump ahead 10-6. Trinaty Pearson would add a few serves to extend the lead, 15-8. A quick side out gave Deleon the serve, leading 18-10. Deleon would serve seven in a row to win the second game, 25-10. The third game was deadlocked at 11-11 before North broke Lee’s serve to give them the late 12-11 advantage and Deleon would finish the game on three perfectly placed serves. North would win 15-12. Leading server was Angelina Deleon with 13 service points. Macey Weber added nine service points and Landyn Johnson added seven service points. By: Coach Travis Reynolds
While all that excitement was happening in the 7th grade gym, over in the main gym, 8th grade was on fire! Both Team B and A had a three game sweep Cove Lee with scores; 25-12, 25-7, and 15-11. It  all started with Team B as Trinity Fly served 6 points in a row giving North a head start 9-3. Trinity Fly’s defense at the net was impressive as she had four blocks and four kills. Team B  flowing in sync on the court as their passes went to Reagan Furney as she successfully set up her attackers that executed their kills. Laken Easton, Lexi Lewis, and Layloni Watson each had two kills. Elaina Herrera worked hard to make sure her passes were on point and Kaitlyn added two service points. The second set was heated as Layloni Watson began the lead with ten points served followed by Laken Easton’s ten points.
Team A kept the heat up! Hannah Jensen had unstoppable serves keeping Cove Lee on their toes as they struggled to return her 12 points earned for North. While Raylee Poff finished the first set with her six delicately placed serves to end the first set 25-7. The second set was more eventful as Raylee Poff, Macee Bradford, Hannah Jensen, and Sydni Cartwright served a combined 19 points to end a successful second set 25-13. Although the thrid set was played as a developmental play, the gym had an electricity. Fans on both sides roared as Cove Lee took a lead for the first time and forced North to take a time-out. North got focused by returning serves to gain points, while Emily Evatt and Sydni Cartwright each had kills at the net. The third set finished 19-17. Great job to all the teams! North’s next game is on Thursday September 20 at SBMS. Thank you for supporting Girl’s Athletic’s!