Girls 7th Grade Volleyball NB, Girls 8th Grade Volleyball NB · NBMS Volleyball takes 2 of 3 from Copperas Cove

7B emerged victorious in all three sets, 25-19, 25-17 and 18-16. In the first set, neither team could gain an advantage until Kate Wieters served four in a row to give North the early 11-7 advantage. A few points later, Cove answered back with four of their own to regain the lead 15-14. Sienna Fuller would push North back ahead 18-16 and Grace Pruske would extend the lead to 21-18 before Wieters served out the game, 25-19. In the second set, North would limit Cove to single point streaks through the first rotation and take the early 14-7 lead. Shelby Schultz would extend the lead with three quality serves, 17-9. The lead remained the same as both teams would swap points with the final score of 25-17. Since North won the first two sets, the third game was developmental, first to 15. North won the coin toss and elected to serve first. Schultz would start off giving North a 3-0 lead. A few points later, Pruske extended North’s lead to 9-5. Wieters added two more to give North a 12-9 lead but Cove would answer back on the ensuing serves to tie the game 13-13. The two teams traded points until the game was tied 16-16. Having to win by two, Sienna Fuller served the last two points and gave North the extended win 18-16.
7A fell short to a competitive Cove 7A and lost all three games 19-25, 24-26 and 13-15. In the first set, North was unable to find a rhythm on the offensive side and couldn’t string together any points throughout the first rotation as Cove held a 12-8 lead. Cove continued to roll offensively as they would push the lead to 11-20. Adara Cassidy gave North some much needed energy as she would serve five in a row to cut the lead down to 17-20. A quick side out and a quality serve from Trinaty Pearson gave kept North alive trailing 19-22. Cove would capitalize on their serves and win the first set 19-25. In the second set, Cove jumped out to an early 8-2 lead before Macey Weber served seven in row to give North a 9-8 advantage. North started to look alive and played aggressive throughout the first rotation and held a slim 17-16 advantage. North would break Cove’s ensuing serve and Landyn Johnson’s two serves would give North a 20-17 lead before Cove answered back to tie the game 20-20. North couldn’t capitalize on their serve and Cove would regain the lead after a short run to give them game point at 21-24. North would break Cove’s game point and tie the game at 24-24 behind Angelina Deleon’s two serves. Cove would answer right back and grab the last two points to win it in extras, 24-26. In the third set, first to 15 would win. Similar to the first two sets, North and Cove would swap leads until North found themselves trailing 9-11 after the first rotation. North would fight back to take the lead at 13-12 before Cove would side out and serve the remaining two points to take the third game, 15-13.  (Travis Reynolds)
8B and A teams were victorious in their matches agains Copperas Cove. 8B dominated the court 25-14, 25-17, 15-7. Elaina Herrera and Amelia Smith both contributed with serving 11 points total for both sets. There was great movement and flow on the court during the first set.  Two aces from Reagan Furney started off the second set. Cove had a four point lead until the seventh rotation when Elaina Herrera answered back with four points served giving North the lead 19-17. No looking back for Team B North as they took the second set and finished out the third set.
8A ignited the first set with 12 points served by Hannah Jensen giving North a 12 point lead, 16-4. Executed passes by Paige Roehl, two kills by Madison Lux, and timed sets from Raylee Poff gave North the win 25-6. The energy flowed over to the second set with Raylee Poff’s seven points served to give North a lead 7-1. Cove came back with determination and forced North to take their first time-out, 21-17. After adjustments and positive communication on the court, North finished the second set 25-19. The third set ended quickly as Cove struggled to return the powerful and placed serves from Hannah Jensen. North 8 took all six sets over Copperas Cove. Next last home game will be our PINK OUT, on Thursday October 4th beginning at 4:30. Thank you for supporting Girl’s Athletics.