Girls 7th Grade Volleyball LB, Girls 8th Grade Volleyball LB · LBMS v Midway: A Tough Fight

Last night the Lake Belton Lady Tiger’s Volleyball team traveled to Midway for their volleyball games. It was one for the books, as always, as Lake prepares to fight for every point they can get.

Both 7th grade teams went out unsure of what to expect, but knowing they just needed to play their game. Midway came in ready to crush it. Closing the both games out quickly in 2 sets. 7B struggled to get their defense together as Midway was putting together an almost flawless offense. 7A picked up the pace a little bit more, keeping Midway on their toes. The girls kept up their spirits as they really worked to get every point they could. Unfortunately it was a quick game as Midway took both wins. A great learning experience for both teams.

The 8th grade B team had to make some last minute changes to their line-up but were eager to play. Unfortunately playing down a regular setter really set them back. Midway’s B team was not quick on getting the ball back over, but they still managed to catch Lake in the transitions. Emily Trcka stepped up to fill in the hole left by an injured setter and rose to the occasion, having several well placed balls in throughout the game. Midway had some challenging hitters but Lake fought to play tough defense, getting several great digs. Shelby Pehl worked to be in the right spot to pick up the ball, as Midway played a hard cross hit almost every time. Despite the fight they put up to make Midway work for every point, after several serving streaks by Midway they were too far ahead to catch up to. Midway took the game in 2 sets. Kaylee Rivera was player of the game having several good digs on the ball!

Lastly, 8th grade A team came ready to play! A slow start getting adjusted to Midways servers Lake had some catching up to do in the first set. Midway’s spot serving really took a hit on Lake as Midway jumped out ahead. The score was 10-3 as Lake gathered themselves and picked up the pace. Defense was phenomenal as the block was getting great touches on each hit, working to slow it down for the back row. Madison White and Aizlenn Canava fought hard to be in the right place for each ball, transitioning well in defense. Unfortunately Midway got too far ahead pushing the set to 23-7! However, Lake was not ready to quite, as Aizlenn Canava came out with some tough serving and really caught Midway off guard. The Lady Tigers held Midway at 23 for the next 6 serves, until Midway was able to finally get a playable ball up to stop the serving rally by Canava. Midway took the first set 25-11, but Lake was pumped and ready to crush it in the 2nd.

The second set started out on a much better tempo for Lake Belton as the girls quickly shut down ever ball that Midway played their way. Canava started the set strong with several good serves again! Madison White had a quick eye for where Midway was going to place their hits, and was there to pass it up almost every time. A few passing errors allowed Midway to jump out ahead, but Lake kept a close step, just a few points behind each time. Significant defense and serve receive allowed Lake to pick up Midways balls and shut them down quickly. Autumn Holman worked to get each ball up for a kill or a solid tip. At 18-20 it was still anybodies game. However, Midway brought the heat with several tough serves, really shutting down Lake’s momentum. Midway closed out the set at 25-18, in their favor with those last aces. Lake was not too defeated though, because they knew they had played one of their best games. Player of the game was Madison White for phenomenal defense and hustle on the court.

The Lake Belton Lady Tigers will be playing in the Belton Class Volleyball tournament, starting with several games Friday night at North and South Belton Middle School. GO LAKE!