Girls 7th Grade Volleyball LB, Girls 8th Grade Volleyball LB · Belton Classic Tourney Outcomes

Friday October 5, Belton hosted its annual classic Volleyball Tournament. North Belton hosted the 7th grade teams, while South Belton hosted the 8th grade teams. Lake Belton went out to compete and had quite the weekend.


The Lake Belton 7th grade teams had a hard weekend of play, unable to really get their feet under them, due to some lineup changes. 7th grade A team played Lorena Friday night and lost in 2 sets. They came back on Saturday and played Bonham and unfortunately lost as well. 7th grade B team played against Cameron on Friday night and took a hard loss, looking to come back on Saturday and compete. B team played Bonham as well and unfortunately took a quick loss, ending their tournament play for the weekend.


First up on Friday was 8th grade B team at 5:30 against Cove Lee. Coming out of their game Thursday against Midway Lake 8B was ready to play up and show out. Defense was quick on the hustle, and playing with a new rotation was nothing new for them as Lake came out and crushed it. Every ball was played up and set up for the kill by Lake. Cove Lee really struggled to get their feet under them and compete as Lake dominated on the court. The second rolled through much like the first, as Lake was already on a roll and ready to finish out the night. Jalynn Calloway was quick on her feet to get to each ball and get her team set up for a kill. Emily Trcka really stepped into the limelight as well, filling the position on setter for an injured teammate and crushing it. Lake 8B won against Cove Lee and was ready to Saturday!


8th grade A team looked to close out the night with a win against Lorena in what was a nail biter of a game. The first set was any man’s game as they kept it point for point throughout the entire match. Last minute changes to the rotation made no change for Lake as they were just ready to compete. Serve receive and defense really were on point for Lake Belton as they were determined not to let Lorena take home a sweep. Madison White dominated at libero at she hit the floor and hustled for every ball, working to keep her team in the game. Rebecca Bledsoe and Kambree Hollingsworth stepped up to the plate as setters and allowed their team to make some great ball placement to keep Lorena on their toes. Lorena worked to find the holes in the defense but were unable as communication and intensity were kept high by Lake. Kaylee Rodriguez and La’Maiya Riggins had some key plays at the net as well. Fans were on their feet as the set was truly a point for point game. Rebecca Bledsoe had some solid serves, as did Madison White and Kaylee Rodriguez. It was a serving game in the end as the set came to 22-23 in favor of Lake. However Lorena was ready to make Lake work for it, and the set rolled to 25-24 for Lake. 25-25, 26-25, 26-26, 27-26, 28-26, Lake took the victory of the first set over Lorena and was eager to play the second and crush it as well. Unfortunately, Lorena picked up their game for the second set and brought out some tough serving, finding and increasing the holes in our serve receive. Lorena jumped out ahead, and Lake was stunned as it just kept going. Lorena pushed for quick balls and took the set with a lot of tips, closing out the second match in their favor at 25-15. Lake was ill-prepared for the 3rd set as well. Lorena jumped out ahead at 7-0 and the tough serving just kept coming. Lake tried to get their feet under them and managed to bring it back to 10-7 with some great ball placement. However Lorena already had all the momentum they needed as they finished out the set at 15-11, taking the win for the night. Lake went home ready to come back on Saturday take it all in the consolation bracket.


Saturday October 6th, Lake’s 8th grade A team opened up the day playing at 9AM against Bonham, a team they had already faced in regular season play. Still shaken from the night before, Lake struggled to break free and get their feet under them as Bonham was quick to rush the ball back over and catch them in transition. Bonham worked to keep up with Lake in what looked to be another point for point match. Some solid serving by Kambree Hollingsworth really helped to close out the match in Lake’s favor at 25-22, and for the second set to be a fresh start. The second set was a swift win for 8A as Rebecca Bledsoe served some rocket aces, allowing for Lake to gain a significant lead the Bonham just could not close. The second set was over quick with a score of 25-11. Lake looking to play for the consolation win at noon.


8th grade B team followed up A team at 10AM by playing against North Belton, in what was a great rival game. North was on a roll from their several other sweeps and came in with a momentum that Lake was not prepared for. North jumped out ahead at the beginning of the set 6-0, and kept their distance as Lake worked to catch up. Several serving and passing errors really hurt Lake as North was quick to play the ball over and catch them in transition. North soared through the set and took the first one at 25-12. The second set looked much like the first, with only tiny errors on Lake’s part, but unfortunately it all added up in the end. Unable to keep serving possession Lake was not able to close the gap and North rolled through the second set to a victory at 25-14. Lake 8B would play for 3rd place at 1PM.


The 8th grade A team played against Salado for the Consolation win, in a quick close out win for Lake Belton. Salado had a weak serve receive as Lake was pounding some tough serves their way. Salado had a few good balls, but Lake’s defense was quick to get them up and back over the net. Rebecca Bledsoe crushed out the set with 10 consecutive serves and got Lake the win 25-13. The second set was a steamroll just like the first, as Aizlenn Canava and Mariah Dilworth brought the heat with their serving as well. Salado was already defeated and unable to come back as Lake swept the second set right out from under them as well. 25-14 Lake took home the win for the Consolation Bracket!


Lastly, 8th grade B team played a nailbiter of a game against South Belton for 3rd place in the 8B bracket. The first set really went point for point as each team wanted to make the other work for it. With tough serving and quick hustle the game was at 19-19 and no one was sure how it would swing. A determination not to let any ball hit the floor Lake was ready to go down with a fight. Lake jumped out to 24-21, but South was quick to jump right on up there. With luck though Lake was able to reach out and grab those last two points for a win, closing out the first set at 26-24. Lake was eager to crush it in the second set as well and take home 3rd, which is exactly what they did. South served first and got out ahead at 7-0, but Lake was quick on the draw and was not willing to give it up. Daniela Zarinana brought the game back after some serious play for Lake, bringing the team back from 13-12 to 21-17. Thanks to several errors on South Belton’s part Lake was able to finish the set out at 25-22, taking home 3rd place overall.


It was a great weekend of volleyball for Belton, with only 3 season games left for Lake Belton it has been a great season as well.