Girls 8th Grade Volleyball NB · NBMS 8A/B three day Volleyball Recap

The rise to the top began at our Pink-Out Thursday night 8th grade last home game. The night was full of successful wins, 8B 25-10 and 25-7, 8A 25-14 and 25-8. Fans and players wore Pink and were ready for the games begin. 8B began with back and forth rally points against Bonham until the fifth rotation, 9-6. This is when Kaitlyn Jones began an 11 point service lead, that included eight Ace’s forcing Bonham to take a time-out, 20-7. Reagan Furney finished the first set with her four points served, including two Ace’s, leaving 8B with the win 25-10. The second set started off with two Ace’s followed by Danica Bingham’s five points served to give North a six point lead, 10-4. Executed passes and serves would lead the way for 8B to control the match. The second set was finished with Reagan Furney’s ten points served, leaving Bonham no chance of catching up, final set was 25-7.


8A rode the momentum but realized they needed to step it up in the first set as they were unable to return Bonham’s serves or execute an over the net serve, trailing 2-7. After a complete court rotation, Raylee Poff was up to serve for her second go round and she answered the call by serving seven points helping North to take the lead and forcing Bonham to take their first time out, 15-13. No looking back afterwards, as Madison Combest took control as Bonham struggled to return her seven points served, which included four Ace’s, 22-14. The first set was finished by Macee Bradford serving the last three points giving North the win, 25-14. The second set began as North dominated with executed serves, which included ten from Raylee Poff, five from Madison Combest, three by Sydni Cartwright, and five from Emily Evatt giving the set to North, 25-8.


The Annual North/South tournament had the fans pumped and the 8th grade teams ready to dominate. 8A was first to take the court on Friday evening playing against Salado. Both teams were back and forth with rally points forcing North to take a time out to reset and get heated up. North barely finished the set with a win, 25-23. North was charged for the second set as they dominated the court forcing Salado to use both time-outs. They were fired and ready to end that set with the win 25-12.  8B followed suit as they took on Bonham winning both sets 25-7. Both teams advanced in to the winner’s bracket.

Saturday games began with early morning rain and heat in the gyms. 8B took on Lampasas with fire and had two consecutive wins, 25-7 and 25-15. 8A took off with flames as they soared in two wins 25-13 and 25-12 against Crawford. After a two hour break and some fruit in their bellies, North was ready for the next round. 8B was ready to play a familiar team their sisters from across the road, Lake. North continued their winning streak taking the first set 25-12 and finishing the win 25-14. 8A had the same effect and took on Academy in two sets, winning 25-21 and 25-11. Both 8B and 8A were headed to the Championship game. A quick bite to eat and North was steaming to get on the court. 8B took the court first playing against Cameron, each point was tooth for tooth. North hung on to the last string and pulled off the first set, winning 25-22. But Cameron had a trick up their sleeve and pushed North back into the court forcing North to take both time-outs to re-adjust but it did not work, as 8B fell very short 12-25. Championship on the line as 8B went into the third set with the cap for the tournament being the first to score 15. As North and Cameron rallied the points, fans were cheering, teams were sweating, and a force time out from North left them trailing 12-14. As 8B took the court, minds were set as Cameron served into the net giving North the opportunity. Elana Tucker took that opportunity as she brought the score back to 14-14, a forced time out called by Cameron. Elana Tucker served the last winning serve giving 8B the Championship win and number ONE title!!

It was now 8A’s time for redemption as they were to face Lorena, a team they had lost against during an early season tournament. North started off strong winning the first set 25-22, leaving Lorena in disbelief. The second set was point for point as each team struggled to take the lead. Lorena ended grabbing ahold of the second set, 23-25. The third set would determine who would go home the champions. Again each team played determined, point for point. North shocked Lorena with blocks forcing them to begin to dump the ball, which caught 8A off guard and gave Lorena a two point lead. An injury on the North’s court gave Lorena the window to take the set winning 12-15. 8A are still champions in our eyes as they took home Second Place. Great job to both teams for your hard work and determination. Next game will be October 18th at Travis. Thank you for supporting Girl’s Athletics.