Girls 8th Grade Volleyball SB · SB Takes Lamar Down In Two Sets

The 8th B team jumped out ahead with the serving of Alicia Miranda with 7 points before Lamar called  a time out. Lamar scored  five points few point on metal error done by SB. Krista Haake killed the ball on a long rally that gave us the serve. Sierra Watkins served the  next 7 points to put us ahead 18-7. Alexis Woodruff finished the set out serving 5 points ending the set at 25-11. In the second set Alexis Woodruff served 8 points and Emery Castillo served 9 points to end the set 21-11.

In the A game South started out cold and fell behind 4-8 to an athletic Lamar team. With consistent serving and net play South came out on top winning 25-16. In the second set Trinity Espitia served a total of 9 points to help but the set away for South winning 25-15. The Lady Tigers finished with two wins ending there home games only to be on the road next Thursday at S.C. Lee.