Girls 7th Grade Basketball LB, Girls 8th Grade Basketball LB · Lake Belton Lady Tigers take on Lamar at Home

Last night the Lady Tigers took on the Lamar Lady Bearcats at home for their second game of the new year. It was an eventful night for the Tigers as 3 out of the 4 teams brought home wins for Lake Belton.

7th grade B team had a tough night, and fought the best that they could, but unfortunately they fell to the Bearcats in the end. Scarlett Finch had a great night scoring 8 of their 12 points, and being aggressive on both sides of the ball. Caroline Myron also had a strong night with tenacious defense and hustle.

8th grade B team for the Lake Belton Lady Tigers faced off with the Lamar Bearcats, again with the home court advantage. The first quarter began with slow defense from the Tigers, allowing the Bearcats to drive into the paint multiple times. After a few substitutions to create a court atmosphere of intensity and hustle, the Tigers were able to tie 4-4 at the end of the 6:00 min quarter. The second quarter began with the Tigers gaining momentum with 4 shots sunk in the net, to bring the Tigers to a lead at half. Pressing the bearcats heavily in the third quarter, Player of the game, Rene’jah Jackson, was able to add 2 more baskets to the score, bringing her total point to 12 for the game. Close behind her was Kaylee Rodriguez with 10 points. Jackson also led the team in steals and rebounds. The fourth quarter although slower paced, saw a bit of a Bearcat come back, but the buzzer did not allow for Lamar to overcome the Tigers. The final score for the night was 28-16, adding another victory to the undefeated 8th grade B team.

7th grade A team had a great night, bringing out a real good fight. All around the entire team played with amazing hustle and some serious aggressiveness. Lake fought until the very last buzzer, making Lamar really work for any points. The game closed out on a tight ball, at 15-14 in favor of Lake Belton. Sa’Deja Ellis was offensive player of the game with 8 points of the 15 for Lake. Defensively Yuliana Reyes Guerrero led with 5 steals, while Austin Inman and Faith Manning played very aggressively under the basket, coming out on top with rebounds.

8th grade A team closed out the night with a victory as well, despite Lamar’s aggressiveness and height. Lake had a great night, as all around the entire team played with hustle and tenacity. Jalynn Calloway, Isabella Hinds, and Mariah Dilworth all put up 8 points each for Belton, to help push the score and come out on top. Macie Echols and Allie Angell led in rebounds, doing a fantastic job of clearing the lane and ensuring that there was no chance of Lamar getting a rebound. Overall it was a great night, as Lake made a point to shut down any chance of Lamar catching up to them. Coming out with 9 points in the 1st, with a great start, the 2nd quarter ran a little rough as both teams only managed to get one basket in. Lake came back from the half with a fight ready to go, scoring 12 in the 3rd and 14 in the fourth to close the game out at 37-14.

Next week the Lake Belton Lady Tigers will be traveling to Cove Lee for their first away game of the new year. GO LAKE!