Girls 7th Grade Basketball LB, Girls 8th Grade Basketball LB · Lake Belton Lady Tigers Played at Cove Lee for a Tough Night

Last night the Lake Belton Lady Tigers traveled to Cove Lee for what turned out to be a very tough night of basketball.

7th grade B team came out ready to play, but were unable to get their feet under them. Cove Lee came out strong in the start and ran away with the game. Lake Belton girls remained strong, as they continued to fight but Cove Lee’s momentum was too much. The girls kept their spirits high as both the 5 on the floor and those on the bench cheered and worked as hard as they could. Cove Lee managed to shut Lake out for the win in the end. Daniela Garcia and Elizabeth Chamberlin were players of the game for their hustle, teamwork and scrappy game on the court. Haidyn Cox was another stand out player as she remained in the whole game and fought until the very end.

8th grade B team came out on top for the night, with the only win for Lake Belton over Cove Lee. Running a successful full court press, Lake was able to continually stop the ball from getting anywhere near the basket. Every girl was aggressive and quick on the court, as they continued to gain momentum. Rene’jah Jackson had another standout game with multiple offensive and defensive rebounds, several steals, and the majority of the baskets for Lake. Kaylee Rodriguez also had a a great game, coming in second on points for Lake Belton. Autumn Holman was on top of game, controlling the offense and tempo of the game, as well as coming away with several assists for the night. All in all it was a stellar night for Lake Belton Lady Tigers as they closed out yet another win to continue their undefeated season. Rene’jah Jackson and Autumn Holman were players of the game for putting out another solid night of work.

7th grade A team came out next, and essentially got run down by Cove Lee. The girls fought hard on defense, but Cove Lee was quick and their shots were clean. Lake had a hard time holding onto the ball, with several turnovers, but worked hard to get back on defense and at least make Cove Lee work for their baskets. Yuliana Reyes-Guerrero, Austin Inman, and Faith Manning were defensive players of the game, as they fought their hardest to make sure that Cove Lee had to work for their game. Offensively, Zuri’el Little came away as player of the game with the sole point for Lake on a free throw.

8th grade A team was the last of the night to play and the pressure was on after having already faced Cove Lee previously in a tournament. Lake came out strong, and put the first set of points up on the board with several steals and fast breaks. Cove Lee was unsure of how to shut it down, as Lake’s passes were solid and on point. Lake came out with the lead in the first quarter 6-2. Cove Lee however found their momentum in the second quarter, as Lake got comfortable. Cove Lee began to play an aggressive game, bodying up Lake and pushing their way to the basket. Lake’s cool, collected game began to crumble as Cove Lee played a tough man defense that intercepted passes and blocked several shots. Cove Lee was up 12-10 at the half. Both teams looked to rally after the half, in what continued to be an aggressive game. The foul count went up, as the score went with it. Lake was tired, and Cove Lee just kept putting in fresh legs. Both teams scored 9 in the 3rd quarter to put the game at 19-21 in the 4th in favor of Cove Lee. Lake was beat, and their momentum slowed as Cove Lee made a scoring run in the 4th. Their momentum carried them on to close out the game at 35-21, a frustrating loss for Lake. Macie Echols was player of the game for her a never ending hustle, and aggressiveness on the court.

Lake Belton Lady Tigers play Midway next Thursday, January 31, for their last home game of the season! Don’t miss it as they purple out the gym in honor of Coach Norman and her son Axton! GO LAKE!