Girls 7th Grade Basketball LB, Girls 8th Grade Basketball LB · Lake Belton Lady Tigers Final Basketball Game vs Travis MS

Last night the Lake Belton Lady Tigers traveled to Travis Science Academy to play their last game of the 2018-2019 basketball season. It was a long, intense night of basketball, as every single Lady Tiger fought until the final buzzer.


7th grade B team had a hard pressed night as they tried their hardest to shut down Travis. Unfortunately the momentum Travis built up was unstoppable, as they pushed their way to a win. Players of the game were the entire team, as they worked together until the final buzzer, never once giving up.


8th grade B team started off the roll of victories, with a bang in the first quarter as offensive player of the game Aizlenn Canava put up 10 points out of the 18 total that were scored in the first 6 minutes. Finding themselves in comfortable lead, the Tigers were able to keep Travis from scoring at all in the first half. Controlling the pace of the second half, the Tigers were unstoppable. Emily Trcka and Rene’jah Jackson led the team in offensive rebounds, Kaylee Rodriguez led the team in steals, also scoring 10 points through the game from elbow shots and layups. The coaches would like to recognize the entire team as defensive players of the game. The final score when the buzzer sounded was 31 to 3. Finishing out the season, the Lady Tigers had a record of 7 wins and 1 loss. Way to go Lake Belton!


7th grade A team had what was the most intense game of the night. Lake started off the night right, taking a lead 8-4 in the first half. On every ball there was hustle and aggression on both sides, as Travis worked to make up the deficit and Lake fought to keep a distance. The second half of the game was a nail biter, as Travis made a point come back and it was 13-12 at the start of the fourth quarter. Working to play smart basketball, the Lady Tigers tried to keep errors and turnovers to a minimum. Travis got a basket putting them in the lead at 14-13, and the crowd was on its feet. Lake managed to come out with a fastbreak and a layup to bring it back to 15-14, and Lake worked to maintain possession for those last several seconds. The buzzer ran out, and Lake was on top! Players of the game were the entire team for a hard fought, intense game of basketball.


8th grade A team looked to close out the night with the same level of enthusiasm. Jumping out ahead at the start, Lake was at 13-4 in the first quarter, and didn’t look to be slowing up any. Jalynn Calloway put up some serious points in the first quarter with a 3, a lay up, and several free throws. Shelby Pehl came through with some tough shots and Isabella Hinds managed to get a few breakaway points as well to put Lake in a comfortable lead. At the half Lake was up 18-8, and worked to breakdown the game into a slower pace. Travis fought but was unable to stop the movement that Lake kept going with the ball. Allie Angell had a standout night on rebounds, offensively and defensively. Rebekah Bledsoe came out with a great shot of her own, and some smart down court passes. Mariah Dilworth, and Daniela Zarinana also managed to put some points on the board to help Lake’s overall lead. The night ended on a final victory for the Lady Tigers, with the entire team as players of the game for their teamwork and dedication to hustle.


That closes up the 2018-2019 season for the Lady Tigers! Until next year!