Boys 7th Grade Track LB, Boys 8th Grade Track LB · Lake Belton Boys Results in Gatesville Track Meet

The Tigers traveled down the road yesterday to participate in the Gatesville Jr. High Track meet.  Both the 7th and 8th grade boys performed well during this meet.

The 7th grade boys walked away with 4th place in the meet scoring a combined total of 101.  Some notable finishes of this meet were:

100 M dash:  Micah Hudson 1st place,  Thomas Lara 6th place

200 M dash:  Selman Bridges 4th place

400 M dash:  Tao Wan 4h place

110 Hurdles:  Malachi Bazemore 3rd place, Wyatt Butler 1st place

300 Hurdles:  Malachi Bazemore 5th place, Wyatt Butler 3rd place

4×100 Relay :  Darlan PAz, Gregory Muselman, Keaton Gallion, Thomas Lara- 6th place

4×200 Relay:  Christian Dominguez, Darlan Paz, Micah Hudson, Selman Bridges- 2nd place

4 x400 Relay:  Christian Dominguez, Malachi Bazemore, Micah Hudson, Selman Bridges 4th place

Long Jump :  Micah Hudson 2nd place

High Jump: Micah Hudson 1st place, Selman Bridges 3rd place, Zach Linklater 5th place

Polevault:  Zach Linklater 2nd place, Mason Euer 6th place


The 8th graders scored a combined total of 66 points and took home 4th in the meet.

Some notable finishes for 8th grade:

100 M dash :  Keshawn Baptiste 4th place

Mile Run:  Josh Briggs 5th place

Mile and 1/2 :  Josh Briggs 4th place

300 Hurdles:  Gio Walker 4th place

4×100 Relay:  Corey Bush, Marchall Jackson, Priest Peterson, Watson Washburn – 5th place

4×200 Relay:  Cooper Staton, Javeon Wilcox, Juan Gandara, Keshawn Baptiste- 3rd place

4×400 Relay: Cooper Staton, Gio Walker, Juan Gandara, Keshawn Baptiste- 3rdplace

Long Jump: Gio Walker 2nd place

Shot Put:  Caleb Segura 2nd place

Discus: Julius Lechuga- 6th place

High Jump: Gio Walker 3rd place

Pole Vault: Bruce Onchweri 6th place