Girls Freshman Volleyball Red · Freshmen Red Team Dominate CenTex

Freshmen Red made tremendous strides in this weekends CenTex Tournament placing third in the Gold bracket.
On Thursday the Red team played Waco High winning 2-0. The team kept their foot on the gas keeping the momentum throughout both sets. The Tiger started off with a dominant lineup. Leading the way was Reagan Furney and Danica Bingham with outstanding serves resulting in fifteen points throughout the second match.
Set 1: 25-9
Set 2:25-7
In the second game of pull play, Red played a tough Live Oak team. Showing discipline and aggression. The team started off strong starting off on a 15 point point run. Dominant serves by Sydni Cartwright helped the team gain momentum. Cartwright scored eight points from serves alone.  In the second set, Live Oak targeted weaknesses in the Tiger’s defense causing a close match. Emily Evatt and Consulelo Garza showed aggression at the net allowing the Tiger’s to finish strong against a solid Live Oak team. The girls rallied together winning 2-0.
Set 1: 25-9
Set 2: 25-17
The girls went into bracket play with nothing but excitement. Starting the day off with an early morning win over Lorena 3-0. Reagan Furney continued to show leadership starting the set off with dominant serves. The teams contagious energy was too much for the Leopard’s defense. Consuelo Garza  high IQ found holes in the Leopard defense allowing the Tiger’s to stay on top of Lorena the entire first set. The Leopard’s fought back and relied on the Tiger’s mental mistakes to give them easy points in the second set.The Tiger’s were relentless and fought to come back from a seven point deficit but the Leopard’s marched on winning the set, 25 to 21. In the last set, the Tiger’s were determined to come out on top. Led by Emily Evatt’s serves and Paige Champlin’s back row leadership, the Tiger’s pulled off a 15-11 win.
Set 1: 25-15
Set 2:21-25
Set: 15-11
In their second game of bracket play, the Belton Red team played a solid Waco Midway. The energetic Midway offense was too much for the Tiger’s defense. Midway started with a 10-o run. The Tiger’s were too slow to fight back causing a 25-12 loss. In the second set, the Tiger’s made good adjustments and Danica Bingham showed leadership on and off of the net with consistent passes and found the holes in Panther defense. The team rallied together and won the set, 25 to 21. In the third set, the Belton Red team competed in a set full of rallies and disciplined plays. The Tiger’s lost 15 to 12.
Set 1: 12-25
Set 2: 25-21
Set 3: 12-15
Mental mistakes continued into a rematch against a smart Lorena team. Their resilience and aggressiveness was too much for the fatigued Belton Red team. The Tiger’s started the match with smart decisions and quick plays. However, the Tiger’s failed to score the last point allowing the Leopard’s to make a comeback causing the Tigers to lose, 25-24. In the second set, the fatigued Tiger’s team failed to answer to Lorena’s serves. Lack of communication and mental errors caused the team to lose 25 to 9.
Red lost 2-1.
Set 1: 24-25
Set 2: 9-25
The Belton Red team will face the Hutto Hippos in their first Home match next week.