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North had an astonishing number of 7th and 8th grade girls try out for Volleyball this year. Today was a tough day as our Coaches had to make the first cuts to narrow the number of 91 7th grade girls and 48 8th grade girls. Wednesday 8.22.19 will be the 3rd day of try-outs. North will leave during the Athletic period and travel to South. Transportation will be provided to South and we will return at approximately  6:00 p.m. back to North. Parents will pick up from North.

Middle School Volleyball Tryout Plans

Scrimmage: August 22, 2019. SB, LB, NB

@ South Belton Middle School

Start time: 3:30 pm

*Closed Tryouts. No refs coaches will conduct scrimmage. No score keeping. No parents or fans. We need to keep this close to a tryout.


7 White & Red  20 minutes(7B serve twice everyone)  * 5 minute warm-up. 8 White & Red  30 minutes

Court 1 (Big Gym) 30 minutes

8 Red Lake  V North 3:30

8 Red North V  South 4:05

8 Red Lake  V South 4:40


Court 2 (Big Gym) 30 minutes
8 White Lake  V North 3:30

8 White North V  South 4:05

8 White Lake  V South 4:40


Court 3 (Small Gym) 20 minutes

7 White Lake V  South 3:30

7 White Lake V  North 4:15

7 White South V North 4:55


Court 3 (Small Gym) 20 minutes

7 Red   South V Lake   3:55

7 Red    Lake V North  4:35

7 Red    South V North 5:15