Below the links and some descriptions of the information that was given at the Parent Meeting in August at LBMS.

If you have any questions about any of the information please let me know and I will be happy to clarify.

This first link goes to the slideshow that was shown with all the information that I elaborated on.

It has the REMIND101 information, games/practice expectations, and much more.

The next link is to the Alternate Transportation form that was handed out. I know there was some confusion at the meeting as well about this topic, so I will explain.

In years past we just made parents send us a remind message before signing their kids out to leave games. This paper is just a little more protection for us coaches and for your athletes when releasing them after games.

If we have traveled to a game outside of Belton-(Not North or South)- and you want to take your child home after the game, a friend, another parent/guardian/family member; this paper must be filled out by YOU! and turned back into me before we get on the bus to leave for the game. (Your student can turn it in, or you can email me a picture of it.) It has to be done for every game that you/someone else is planning on taking them from- so they won’t be returning on the bus with us.

This does not need to be done for home game, or games at North/South Belton.

You will still sign your student out at the game (or whoever is picking them up) this just helps me to have extra documentation, so we can make sure they are always getting home safe!

*You may print this, or remind your child to pick up an extra copy from me every time you need one!




Coach Neal