Girls 7th Grade Volleyball NB, Girls 8th Grade Volleyball NB · NBMS heads to Championship at Robinson Tournament

NBMS Volleyball had a early Saturday morning on the road heading to Robinson for the annual volleyball tournament. Three of the four teams made it to the championship game, only to fall short in the third set.

North Belton 7A was up against China Springs first. Set 1 started out close before North broke away with it winning 25-17. Set 2 North jumped ahead early with a quick serving run. China Springs fought hard but North was able to hold the lead, winning 25-21. After winning their first game North was up against their cross town rival, Lake Belton. North came out strong and determined to beat Lake Belton after losing to them earlier in the season. North and Lake were neck and neck the entire first set before North was able to pull away with it for a win of 25-21. North started out with an seven point lead but was unable to hold it. Lake fought hard to come back, beating North 23-25, forcing a third set. North started the third set out strong with five straight serves. Lake was able to come back and go point for point before North pulled away at the end to win 15-13. After winning against Lake, North was up against Crawford in the championship game. The first set North had multiple serving runs pushing them ahead of Crawford quickly. Crawford could not rally back, giving North the win, 25-16. The second set started out strong for North with four serves that Crawford could not return. After breaking the serve, Crawford went on several runs to pull ahead of North. Crawford pulled ahead and North was unable to recover from several big mistakes forcing the game to set 3. Set 3 was a hard set for North with several missed serve attempts. Crawford capitalized on North’s mistakes and pulled out the win, 11-15. Leading server of the tournament was Emma Jensen wth 24. Aubrey Yeager contributed 18, MyKenna Johnston contributed 14, Chelsie Miller contributed 13, and Aneia Stallings contributed 11. Also contributing key serves were Trista Sheka with six, Hannah Kasner with four, and Kaylee Hudgens with two. Johnston had three key blocks and Yeager was all over the court defensively. Kendall Cartwright had a couple of key plays on both front and back row. Natalia Guillen, Sheka, Allyson Schauer, and Kaylee Reeder all had key passes to target to help North win.

The 7th grade B team also earned a second place finish by going 2-1 on the weekend.  In the opening match, North defeated Robinson’s B team in two sets, 26-24 and 26-24.  In the first set North was behind one or two points the entire time.  Then Emmi Lloyd came up to serve down 20-23 and served three straight service points to pull ahead 24-23 before Robinson broke her serve to tie it up at 24.  Robinson then missed their serve to give North the ball with game point 25-24.  Maddison Ruiz got her serve over and Robinson could not return it which gave North the victory 26-24.  The second set looked very similar to the first.  After two full rotations, Robinson was up 16-17.  Robinson had a chance to win with the score of 22-24, but North broke their serve to bring the score to 23-24.  Elle Nillson came up to serve and didn’t let the pressure get to her and served 3 straight points to give North the set and the match 26-24.  Sarah Kirkland, Taylor Love, Riley Clawson, Emily Hunter, and Alexis Martinez all made some good plays. North 7B defeated South Belton A in the second match of the tournament in three sets, 25-17, 15-25, 15-10.  Midway through the first set, Ruiz rattled off 6 straight service points that gave North a 19-9 lead that South could not recover from.  North won the set 25-17.  In the second set, however, the tables were turned and North could not get a rally going.  South won the set 15-25.  The final set, however, was won by North 15-10. Heavely Middlton-Reed had some good plays at the net along with Kaegan Huddleston and Shelby Beck.  Brianna Sutterfield, Brinley Agee, and Karina Terry both had some good digs on defense. In the championship game, North 7B would face Academy’s A team.  Academy won in two straight sets 16-25 and 9-25.  North struggled to get their serves over and also had a difficult time returning the serves from Academy.  The loss gave North a second place finish for the White bracket which consisted of mainly A teams.

8B North started off the tournament in the main gym against Robinson. It was a slow start to the first set as Robinson scored the first three points, after an in the net serve by Robinson, Shelby Shultz answered back with three serves. Momentum began as Avery Jones and Haley Mauer put up a combined ten points giving North a six point lead. Hannah Wood had two blocks and Trinaty Pearson had four kills. Melili Mason and Victoria Shimabakuro worked together in their backrow defense, executing accurate passes. First set goes to North, 25-14. The second set began with a new lineup and North struggling in the serve receive position and Robinson taking the lead 6-2.  Trinaty Pearson answered back with five points served giving North a two point lead. Rylea Robertson continued the service points by adding six points to the board and forced Robinson to take a timeout. North finished the second set with a win, 25-11.  8B played South Belton in the second match. North and South played point for point with the score 9-9, when Hannah Wood scored six points forcing South to take a timeout, 14-9. South answered back with North struggling to return the serve, leaving North with only a two point lead. North regained control and Shelby Shultz forced South to take their second time out as she served six points, 20-9. South fought back hard with good digs and dump balls that North was not ready for. North pulled through and barely took the first set 25-22. Second set, North and South again went point for point 13-13. Until South completed a full court rotation and their second server took the game away scoring ten points and forced North to use their two timeouts. North could not recover the deficit, South took the second set 25-13. Third set serve was awarded to South and North would have to put in some work, a serve in the net gave North possession of the serve. Shelby Shultz was ready and served eight points giving North an 8-0 lead. South struggled to gain momentum and North took the third set 15-7. 8B North headed into the Championship Game against Academy. After a two hour wait between games, North appeared ready to play. Point for point with dump balls and missed serves kept Academy neck and neck with North. North pulled a win for the first set and was riding high towards the championship title. But Academy was not done yet as they worked hard to find out open spots and sent ball after ball to our Libero, who struggled to get the pass to the setter. After a forced two time outs by Academy, North failed to take the second set. The pressure was on but serving errors and receiving mistakes ended up costing North the title. 8B walked away with second place in the Robinson Tournament.

8A North took to the court for the first match with fierce momentum against China Springs. Kaleice Cain served six points to give North a lead of 6-0 forcing China Spring to take an early timeout.  China Springs regrouped and came back pounding the ball and North’s defense was not able to pick up a pass. North was forced to take a timeout, 10-7.  AnnaKate Weiters had two blocks and three kills. Ella Wheeless had four assists. North and China Springs went point for point leaving North with only a one point lead as Macey Weber kept North afloat with serves, 22-21. After a hard kill by China Springs, North lost the first set 21-25. Into the second set North trudged as the gym was steaming. China Springs took a huge lead and forced a time out after five serves. A pep talk and some readjustments did not help as China Springs continued the relentless serving streak. A ball finally not clearing the net gave North back the serve but scrambling to catch up, 0-9. North put some points on the board but fell apart as China Springs took the next set, 25-9. Next match was against our hometown rivals, Lake. After the feeling of defeat from the first match, North went pumped up into the game with Lake. Charlee Maddux gave Lake trouble as she served twelve points giving North a lead and making Lake take a time out. Lake struggled to return North’s serves which lead to the set going to North, 25-6. The second set started off with Tristen Oliphant putting eight points on the board and a time out for Lake, 8-0. As North and Lake worked on the court, North pulled away to take the second set, 25-12. Off to the Consolation title for 8A as they faced Crawford. Crawford was not expecting North to keep court pace with them as they battled point for point. North took a turn and was not able to keep up as Crawford pulled away and took the first set, 16-25. Second set had Casey Shultz and Adara Uceda each getting three kills, Ella Wheeless and Ginny Rosenbaum each had four assists, and Ava Navarro picked up a hard dig that made the fans cheer. Despite working hard until the end, China Springs took the second set 25-22.

Next game is on Thursday, September 12th at Home against Midway. Come out and watch as the Tigers battle the Panthers.  Thank you for Supporting Girl’s Athletics.