Multiple Teams · North Belton Volleyball takes on Midway

North Belton Tigers met at home this past Thursday to play the Midway Panthers. An always anticipated game did not turn in favor for North but despite this setback, North played with heart. The scores for the evening play were 8A 16-25, 20-15, 9-15. 8B 23-25, 9-25, 9-15. 7A 11-25, 25-21, 14-25. 7B 12-25, 16-25, 15-13.

8A came out struggling on the court giving Midway a lead 9-3. North started to pick up momentum as AnnaKate Wieters served five points forcing Midway to take a timeout, 15-18. Midway returned the next serve and North was not able to keep up as Midway sped away with the first set, 16-25. The second set demonstrated cohesive team work as the chemistry of the team flowed. North and Midway met point for point as North was forced to take a time out, 12-13. Macey Weber quick on her feet had six assists. Ginny Rosenbaum, Ava Navarro, and Madyson Updyke each picked up two digs. Second set went to Midway 20-25. The third and final set, had North under right away ending the set in favor of Midway, 9-15. Despite 0-3 ending North was able to regroup when needed and work together. 8A has a record 2-1 in District.

8B started the first set in the main gym working point for point. Hailey Mauer’s four point serves put North up one point 10-9, forcing the Panthers to take the first time out. As each team rallied, North’s defense worked hard. Elizabeth Lozano had six assists. Emma Jez and Brooklyn Cory each had two digs. Skylar Benton and Klesha Middleton worked the net. North was not able to keep up the second set as passes were not complete and movement on the court froze. In the third and final set, North played point for point, 9-9. North was not able to return the ball and ended the night 0-3. 8B has a record 2-1 in District.

North Belton 7A fought a hard battle against Midway but fell short. Midway jumped ahead early and North played catch up the entire set. North fell short, 11-25. The second set was a strong serving set for North. North got ahead early and held the lead the entire set, winning 25-21. North was forced to play a third set after splitting the first two. In the third set Midway capitalized on North’s mistakes and was able to win, 14-25.

Leading servers for the night was Aubrey Yeager with 12. Aneia Stallings contributed seven, Chelsie Miller contributed five, MyKenna Johnston and Emma Jensen both contributed three, and Trista Sheka contributed two.

Yeager, Stallings and Johnston all were dominate at the net. Sheka and Natalia Guillen both played solid defense.


7th grade B took a tough loss against Midway 1-2, with scores of 12-25, 16-25, and 15-13.  Midway jumped out to an early lead in the first set and North could not recover.  The second set was much closer through the first rotation.  North was down 8-16 then Kaegan Huddleston scored 5 straight service points to cut the lead to 14-16.  However, Midway got on a roll two servers late. North had a difficult time returning the serve.  7 straight service points form Midway ended the game at 16-25.  Sarah Kirkland and Taylor Love both had a couple of good defensive digs for North during the second set.  In the third and final set, North was able to pull out a close victory 15-13.  Maddison Ruiz, Elle Nilsson, Hevenly Middlton-Reed, and Huddleston all had 2 service points apiece in set 3.  Overall, the girls played very well and made a lot of improvements in some areas even though the score did not reflect it.  The 7B team is now 4-2 overall and 2-1 in district play.


North Tigers will travel to S.C. Lee JH on Thursday 9/9/19 to play the Cougars. Thank you for supporting Girl’s Athletics.