Multiple Teams · 9th Grey Football TRAVEL ITINERARY for Wednesday, September 25th @ Vandegrift HS (4:00pm)

Belton 9th Grey Freshman Travel Itinerary

Grey TeamWednesday, September 25th @ Vandegrift HS (4:00pm)

1:40pm – Dismissed after Per. 5/C-Lunch; arrive at Field House

2:15pm – Depart for Vandegrift HS

3:30pm – Arrive at Vandegrift HS (Monroe Stadium, 9600 McNeil Dr. Austin, TX 78750)

4:00pm – Kickoff / Beat the Vipers

5:45pm – Post game meal

6:15pm – Estimated time of departure from Vandegrift HS

8:00pm – Estimated time of arrival at Field House

LINK to Vandegrift HS