Girls 7th Grade Volleyball NB, Girls 8th Grade Volleyball NB · North Belton Volleyball Success at Home

On Thursday September 26th, North Volleyball hosted South Belton in the battle of across town rivals. North also had Teacher Appreciation Night and celebrated all North teachers for their dedication to our students. North Volleyball entertained the staff as they swept South, 8A: 25-19, 25-14, 15-11. 8B: 18-25, 25-12, 25-2. 7A:  25-11, 25-13. 7B: 25-16, 25-12, 11-15.

8A went back and forth with service points and eventually took a time out as South went on a five point service streak, 11-13. The serve was awarded back to North but service errors left North tied with South 17-17. Landyn Johnson then answered the call and sent on a four point service lead forcing South to take a time out, 22-17. Adara Uceda finished the first set adding three points, 25-19. The second set began as Angelina DeLeon gave North the lead contributing four service points, 6-2. Chandler Stahl added six points, Kaleice Cain added five points forcing South to take the first time out, 18-13.  As Angie DeLeon finished the second set with four points, 25-14. The third and final set began with South taking the lead 5-4. The set soon began as a match of serves, with Chandler Stahl contributing eight points. The final set with to North, 15-11. 8A is 3-2 in district.

8B began with North struggling to gain momentum as service points were rallied for the first eight points, 8-8. South forced North to take a time-out, 10-14 to regain the momentum. South soon made a run as North struggled to catch up. South took the first set, 18-25. The second set had Hailey Hoffman putting the first three points on the board. South took an early time out, 5-1. North was unstoppable as plays were executed and serves were on point. Ella Wheeless and Hailey Hoffman both contributed six points each. Haley Mauer and Victoria Shimabukuro each added four points. North took the second set, 25-12. The third and final set was concluded with North pounding the serves against South. Hailey Hoffman’s had a 14 point service run forcing South to take their first time out. North continued the momentum as Skylar Benton added four service points. Ending with Chandler Stahl’s seven points to the third set, 25-2.  8B is 4-1 in district.

North 7A started out hot with an 11 point serving run. South broke the serve but was unable to come back before North went on another serving run to end the game, 25-11. North had several serving runs throughout the second set to maintain the lead. North broke their second set losing streak, 25-13. Leading server of the night was Emma Jensen with 12. Also contributing was Aubrey Yeager with eight, Aneia Stallings with four, Chelsie Miller with three, MyKenna Johnston, Natalia Guillen, Kendall Cartwright, Kaylee Hudgens, and Kaylee Reeder all with two, and Hannah Kasner and Trista Sheka both with one. North 7A is 2-3 in district.

The 7th grade B team defeated South Belton in 2 straight sets with scores of 25-16 and 25-21.  Emmi Lloyd led North in serving with a total of 8 service points.  Heavenly Middleton-Reed added 7 points followed by Kaegan Huddleston and Riley Clawson with 6 points each and Elle Nilsson with 5. Sarah Kirkland, Brianna Sutterfield, Taylor Love, Alexis Martinez, and Karina Terry all had some good digs on defense.  Brinley Agee and Lloyd both had a couple of assist at the setter position.  Nilsson and Middleton-Reed both made some good plays at the net.  North lost the developmental game 11-15.  The 7th grade B team is now 6-2 overall and 4-1 in district.

Next Thursday October 3rd, North will travel to Copperas Cove to take on the BullDawgs. North will also take part in the Belton Middle School Volleyball Tournament hosted by North and South on October 4th and 5th. Thank you for supporting Girl’s Athletics.