Boys 7th Grade Basketball LB, Boys 8th Grade Basketball LB · Lake Belton Boys Basketball Results Vs Travis Science Academy

The Lake Belton Tigers traveled across I35 to face off in their first basketball game of the season to face Travis Science Academy.  The Tigers would walk end the night 1-3 against Travis.

The 7th B team

Leading Scoring:

The Tigers had a strong first half leading the game at half time.  The Tigers gave it all the could in the second half but struggled scoring the basketball losing the game 23-18.

Robert Haisler  6 points, Ty Trcka  3 pts, Julian Walker  3pts, Joseph Walker  2 pts,  Rennison Ling  2 pts, and Rawley Soliz  2 pts.



7th A Team

The 7th grade A team game was filled with numerous lead changes and exciting plays through out.

Xavier Wells 15 points, Jivan Phillips 8 pts, Brett Harmon 4 pts, Noe Lechuga  4 pts. Noah Santos and Jacob Johnson with 2 pts.


The 8th grade B team defeated Travis by the score of 28-21.  The leading scorers of the game were Kooper Hobson and Ephraim Fry with 6 points each.  Wyatt Butler had 4 points and Scout Hall and Ramon Morales walked away with 3 points.  Avery Graham, Anthony Hubbard and Keshawn Hopwood each had 2 points.  Good defense was played by Wyatt Butler , Keshawn Hopwood and Kooper Hobson

The 8th A team looked to finish off the night with a win.  Offensively at the start of the game the Tigers struggled to put points on the board only scoring 3 points to Travis’s 14.  In the second quarter the Tigers turned it on offensively and outscored Travis 15 to 12.  Travis would go into halftime up 26-18.  The Tigers would give Travis every thing they had in the second half but the lead was insurmountable.  Lake would end up losing 56-47.  Player of the game Chris Gossett.