Boys Varsity Track · Track Equipment Drop w/football

Athletes:  Bring your track season gear for drop-off on either of the football drop/pick-up days (Monday or Tuesday).

If you did not play football, then your track drop-off day is Wednesday.

***Please see the schedule/maps posted on this line… click here:

Clothing from track:  Uniform, Windsuit, Track Spikes, Distance Spikes, Throwing Shoes, Travel Bag, Implements, etc.

Each item will be checked individually and placed in the respective bin before you go through the locker room to pick-up personal items.

You locker items will already be bagged, enter the locker room, grab the bag from your locker, enter the athletic hallway and exit the hallway team meeting door back to the parking lot.

You will be directed to wait your turn until asked to exit the vehicle or to go park if you drove yourself.  Please look at the map for entry procedures.  The only entrance will be from Loop 121 onto Tiger Drive and you will exit through Chisholm Trail Park on to Dunn’s Canyon Rd..  All other entry/exit points will be blocked.