Tigers News · Strength and Conditioning Newsletter 1

Did you know that a majority of incoming college freshman athletes are not prepared for the rigors of training at the collegiate level? That is where my style of programming being implemented at Belton will be instrumental in helping all student athletes succeed now as well as be prepared for what is down the road in their athletic futures.

Today, I want to give you a glimpse into my programming and training approach for high school athletes. So much of the current culture is to make weight room warriors out of athletes, which I do not agree with. Strength and conditioning is made to be general physical preparation (GPP) for sports and when I program, I establish the goal of the training cycle for each sport and how to best accomplish this goal. For example, after discussing goals with all our coaches, it was unanimous that there was a need for a better clean technique. Thus, our Belton Tigers have been performing a clean complex 3 days a week for the month of June. This complex has led to great improvements in a short amount of time. 

For the squat and bench press, I implemented a variation of a training style called Triphasic Training. This training style is broken into 3 phases: eccentric, isometric and concentric. The first three weeks the athletes have been performing eccentrics to teach the body how to control the weight. Next, they will move into the isometric phase which will teach them how to explode out of a ready position. Finally, they will move into the concentric phase, which will build the strength needed for their sport. The Belton Tiger athletes have responded well to the eccentric training and are ready to move forward onto the next phases.  

Overall, my approach is more about the athlete than any one training philosophy. All of my athletes have improved so much during these first few weeks and I look forward to helping them advance, develop and succeed throughout the summer and school year. We will continue to be #beltonstrong. 


Nathan York