Girls 7th Grade Volleyball SB, Girls 8th Grade Volleyball SB · SBMS Volleyball: Indian Springs @BHS Game Itinerary Thursday, September 17th

3:45PM- 7th A and B will report to the gym.

3:45Pm Dress for game

4:00Pm Team walk throughs

4:30Pm Eat game meal

4:45PM- Load bus to travel to BHS

5:00PM- Arrive at BHS

5:15PM 7th B Warm up

5:30PM- 7th B play in Main Gym

6:15PM- 8th B will warm up.

6:30PM- 8th B will play in Main Gym

7:15Pm -7th A will warm up

7:30PM- 7th A will play in Main Gym

8:15PM -8th A will warm up

8:30PM -8th A will play in Main Gym

*Reminder that we are at 50% capacity in our gyms, you will be counted upon entry and if you leave must be recounted if re-entering.

*We would appreciate that once your athlete has finished playing you please pick them up from the bus loop and head home. This will clear up room for those rolling in for the next game and keep us from reaching capacity.

***Attention fans and spectators: A friendly reminder that anyone – fans, spectators, parents, siblings, staff – must wear a face covering at all times while attending events at both indoor and outdoor Belton ISD facilities. We ask all entering our facilities to partner with us and ensure everyone’s safety by social distancing whenever possible. Please wash or sanitize your hands often. Everyone doing their part will help ensure our ability to continue to host our athletic events and provide our students with the experiences of competing.***

There will not be a concession stand available this time.