Boys Freshman Football Red · Freshman Red blanks Ellison Green, 30-0

Wyatt Butler (16) stops an Ellison receiver for a minimal gain. (Photo credit: Tony Adams, The Belton Journal)

The Belton Tigers Freshman Red football team hosted the Ellison Eagles on Thursday night at Tiger Field.

Ty Brown connected with Angel Guerrero on a pair of first-half touchdowns and scored on a touchdown run of his own. The defense only allowed Ellison six plays in Belton territory during the game and no farther than the Tigers’ 44-yard line, as the Tigers shut out the Eagles, 30-0.

Angel Guerrero makes the second of two touchdown catches on the night. (Photo credit: Tony Adams, The Belton Journal)

La’Quavion “Pookie” Davis-Jefferson’s 20-yard kickoff return to open the ball game set the Tigers up with good starting field position. The Tigers were 3-of-4 on third down on the opening drive and had the ball on the Ellison 1 on fourth and goal. The Eagles stopped Davis-Jefferson at the goal line to give Ellison the ball for their first offensive possession.

Giani Zecca scored on a 19-yard run. (Photo credit: Tony Adams, The Belton Journal)

Ellison had 19 and 28-yard runs on the first two plays of their opening drive. Luke Lamberte and Nate Guzman had stops on the next two plays and Guerrero had a pass defense on third down to force a punt.

Belton’s next possession took 10 plays, covered 76 yards and salted 3:33 off the clock. Davis-Jefferson, Giani Zecca and Luke Flores combined for 56 yards on the ground during the march down the field. Brown hit Guerrero in the back of the end zone for a 12-yard score to cap the drive. Brown’s two-point run gave the Tigers at 8-0 lead with 8:10 left in the first half.

Nate Guzman (21) sacks the Ellison quarterback for a 12-yard loss. (Photo credit: Tony Adams, The Belton Journal)

The Tigers’ defense came up huge on the ensuing Ellison drive. Flores and Sam Shepard dropped an Ellison receiver for a three-yard loss. Shepard and Jamaar Rhoder dumped a running back for no gain and Guzman had a pass rush on third down forced a punt.

Both offenses came up empty on the next two drive before the Tigers took over on the Ellison 36 after a short punt.

Brown’s 26-yard pass to Guerrero set up another touchdown pass between the pair, this time of the three-yard variety. Brown hit Kooper Hobson at the front of the end zone for the two-point conversion with 14 seconds left to give the Tigers a 16-0 lead.

Kooper Hobson makes a nice grab on a two-point conversion. (Photo credit: Tony Adams, The Belton Journal)

Jay Burrola recovered a fumble on Ellison’s opening offensive play in the second half on the Eagles’ 14.

The Tigers were faced with a fourth down and eight at the Ellison 12. An Eagle made an interception at the Ellison 1 and lateraled to a teammate in the end zone. The player scrambled out of the end zone and returned it the Belton 46.

The Tigers answered with an angry defensive stand, as Shepard, Burrola, Jon Derosset and Bryson Sauceda combined to push the Eagles back to midfield, forcing a punt.

Luke Flores navigates his way to the sideline on a jet sweep. (Photo credit: Tony Adams, The Belton Journal)

Belton answered with a 10-play, 60-yard, 3:58 drive. Zecca’s 18-yard run on third down and four capped the march. The jet sweep two-point conversion attempt failed, as the Tigers led 22-0 with 3:20 lead in the third quarter.

Sauceda and Noah Acosta dropped an Ellison running back for a loss to start the Eagles next drive. On third down and 11 at the Ellison 40, Guzman picked up a huge sack for a loss of 12 yards. The Eagles were forced to punt again.

The Belton Freshmen linemen never get enough credit, but they helped the Tigers’ offense collect 327 yards rushing against Ellison. (Photo credit: Tony Adams, The Belton Journal)

The Belton offensive line continued to do major work to created holes for the Tigers’ running backs. Davis-Jefferson, Brown and Wyatt Butler combined for seven rushes and 25 yards, with Brown finishing the drive off with a six-yard touchdown run. Brown hit Flores in the end zone for the final score of the game with 8:19 remaining in the game, 30-0.

Zecca’s interception at the Belton 24 on fourth down and four kept the Tigers with the ball on offense for the rest of the night, as Belton ground out the final 4:42.

Belton had 403 yards of total offense, with 327 on the ground and 76 through the air. Davis-Jefferson led all rushers with 26 carries and 183 yards.

Ellison had 58 yards of total offense. In fact, after the Eagles had 57 yards on their first drive, the Tigers allowed just one yard over the final 32 minutes.

The Tigers will host Shoemaker on Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 3 p.m.

Oscar Flores (59) and Jamaar Rhoder (45) pick up blocks for Angel Guerrero (13). (Photo credit: Tony Adams, The Belton Journal)