Supplemental Student Accident Insurance

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BISD is able to offer supplemental insurance policies to be purchased by the parents or guardians online or by mail through The Brokerage Store.  The links below have much more information and how to enroll.

These are low cost insurance policies that can act as a primary insurance or as a secondary insurance policy.  As a secondary policy many co-pays and deductibles can be eliminated through the purchase of this policy for orthopedic injuries.  Please note that this policy does not cover medical illness and other things listed within the policy.  The cost of the policy varies based on the age and sports your student will be active in.  This policy however is not exclusive to athletes, children not involved in sports may still be enrolled and offset the costs of orthopedic injuries.  Those enrolling in policies that cover JV/Varsity football are the most costly of the groups, but could easily offset thousands of dollars in medical bills if advanced screenings or a surgical intervention were required.

Premiums and Options

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